65 years of Dr. Hesse Tierpharma

A journey of innovation and dedication

This year we, Dr. Hesse Tierpharma GmbH & Co. KG, are celebrating a significant milestone in our history – our 65th anniversary. As a company deeply rooted in tradition and innovation, we proudly reflect on a journey that began in 1959. Our foundation was based on a firm belief in improving animal health and welfare. Today, more than six decades later, this conviction remains at the heart of our mission.

Our brands

The development of Dr. Hesse Tierpharma is closely linked to that of our Röhnfried brand, which itself turns 75 this year. Together, we have established ourselves as pioneers in the development of feed supplements and have created innovative solutions for racing pigeons, pedigree pigeons, poultry, rabbits and many other animals. Our products are the result of constant research and close collaboration with breeders, biologists and veterinarians to ensure the best possible well-being and health of the animals.

With the launch of the Ida Plus brand in 2017, we have expanded our range and now support even more pet owners in caring for their beloved pets. Our partnership with Albert Kerbl GmbH marks another important step in our history by bringing the Ida Plus brand from online retail to brick-and-mortar retail. This strategic alliance underlines our commitment to providing pet owners and their animals with the best possible products and solutions.

Private label

As a company, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer high-quality private label productions. Our decades of experience and expertise in animal health and nutrition allow us to work with other brands to help them develop and offer their own high-quality products. Our all-in-one concept, from product development to logistics, ensures that our partners benefit from our proven quality and expertise.

We would like to say thank you

Our 65th anniversary is not just a moment to celebrate, but also an opportunity to look ahead. We strive to continue our mission by developing innovative animal health solutions and fostering an inspiring work culture. Our aim is to continue to have a positive influence on animal health and society. We would like to thank all our employees, partners and customers for their continued support and trust in us.

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