Our products and advice are designed to promote the health and well-being of your feathered friends so that they can lead a full and happy life. Let’s work together for the welfare of your chickens and improve their quality of life. Make you and your chickens happy – that’s our mission!

VitalBoost 4in1

VitalBoost 4in1 is a product specially designed for optimal Supply of vitamins A, D, E and the antioxidant sodium ascorbate (an Sodium bound vitamin C) was developed. How to support your chickens targeted in all phases of life, such as the laying phase, molting or during growth.

Mineral Grit Mix

Due to the special composition of minerals, trace elements and amino acids can be
can specifically counteract deficiencies and thus prevent wind and broken eggs.


OregaPlus provides the chickens with important secondary plant substances and Oiling. The combination of oregano and thyme exerts a positive effect on the balance of the digestion, which is due, among other things, to the ingredients thymol and carvacrol, whose properties are known from the literature. 


The natural plant extracts in MiteProtect have an appetite stimulating effect and are therefore ideal for supporting weakened animals, such as after an infestation with bird mites and other ectoparasites. The increased appetite also has a positive effect on the well-being of the animals.


BronchoCare specifically compensates for deficiency symptoms due to its unique composition. It provides the animals with valuable medicinal herbs and special essential oils. In addition, these can have a positive effect on the respiratory tract by stimulating it and thus actively protecting it.


PowerHerbs was specially designed for chickens designed and is composed of different herbs. This support the digestive tract, stimulating enzyme formation. So you can quickly and specifically enhance your basic feed. 


ProBiotic is optimally adapted to the needs of a healthy intestinal flora of chickens. The included Intestinal Plus Complex is characterized by its effective pre- and probiotics, functional ingredients (cinnamon, chili and oregano) and essential vitamins. This sustainably improves the natural intestinal flora.

Power Herbs

Power Herbs severely restricts the freedom of movement of mites. The specially designed spray solution, which takes advantage of the physical properties of hydrophobic lipids, is enhanced by the combination with special surfactants (of plant origin). Thus, MiteCleaner ensures significantly reduced mite pressure in chicken flocks.

Mineral Grit Mix

ReVital improves the important regeneration of your chickens after infestation with mites, worms or coccidia. Highly available iron and a vitamin B complex promote blood formation. The special properties of elderberry juice with its secondary plant substances help your chickens to regenerate more quickly.

Mineral Grit Mix

Mineral Grit Mix ensures excellent eggshell quality, through its balanced formulation deficiency symptoms targeted againstdeficiencies. Ahe mixture also supports digestion and promotes optimal bone formation.

Mineral Grit Mix

MineralPlus offers an optimal combination of important minerals, essential trace elements and vitamins. These are of great importance in various phases of life, such as rearing and moulting.At times, this results in higher requirements, which can be balanced by MineralPlus.

VitalBoost 4in1

MitePowder reliably combats all crawling insects (mites, bird mites, lice, fleas, ticks etc.) in stables, houses and gardens. The powder is applied in the barn, especially on the mites’ paths and in corners and cracks. As soon as the mites crawl over the voluminous and very economical powder, it has a purely physical effect: the insect shell is damaged and the pests dry out.

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